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Peg's Pear Salad

1 stickcelery
Thinly sliced red onion, to taste
Fresh fennel (bulb and stalk)
1/2pomegranate, use the fresh seeds
Dried blueberries
Chopped Dill
Fresh chopped parsley
Pine nuts (optional)
1/4cupExtravagonzo Blood Orange Oil (or Meyer Lemon Oil)
White balsamic vinegar to taste
A splash of white wine or champagne if open
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Peg's Pear Salad - Ingredients Continued

Salt and pepper
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Peg's Pear Salad - Equipment List

Salad Spinner

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Peg's Pear Salad - Instructions

Cut the first four ingredients into bite size slices. Add the rest of the ingredients,
and make dressing in a separate container. Toss together with dressing. Makes a very
festive salad!

Recipe provided by P. Turk & Extravagonzo Gourmet Foods, LLC

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