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Tom's Tortellini with Garlic & Basil

2 Tablespoonsbutter
3 tablespoonsExtravagonzo Roasted Garlic Infused Olive Oil
2 largecloves garlic, chopped (chop one clove into slivers, the other minced)
2 Tablespoonschopped fresh or frozen basil
1 packagetortellini (I like spinach for color and better health)
Fresh ground pepper
1/4-1/2 teaspooncrushed red pepper
1/4 teaspooniodized salt
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Tom's Tortellini with Garlic & Basil - Equipment List

Pasta Pot

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Tom's Tortellini with Garlic & Basil - Instructions

Cook tortellini per instructions on package. Prepare all other ingredients. With 5+/-
minutes remaining on the tortellini:

Heat butter and 2 tablespoons Extravagonzo on med/high (not too hot) till frothing
upon swirl (not barking and spitting), add crushed red pepper, ground pepper and salt
into the oil. Add chopped garlic and sauté until lightly roasted (light brown, NOT
crunchy and dark), add basil to roasted garlic and stir for 1/2 minute. Turn off heat
and let sit in pan for 1-2 minutes (remove from burner if using an electric stove).
When tortellini are done, drain and add garlic mix immediately and finish with
remaining Extravagonzo. Mix well, let sit for a couple minutes and serve hot.

Recipe provided by Extravagonzo Gourmet Foods, LLC

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