Chef Shellie's Watermelon Juice

1 mediumwatermelon, peeled, seeds removed, roughly chopped
1 bunchmint leaves, cleaned
2 sprigsbasil leaves, cleaned
1 to 2 inchpiece ginger, peeled, chopped
1 cupsimple syrup, plus more to taste
3 limesjuiced, plus more to taste
gin of your choice
lime wedges and mint sprigs, for garnish


In a blender combine mint, basil, ginger and enough watermelon to come 2/3rd's of the way up the blender jar. Puree until smooth and transfer to large container. Puree remaining watermelon in batches and add it to the container. Taste the fruit in the large container as you add more watermelon and feel free to add more herbs or ginger in the pureeing process if you desire it.

Add the sweet (simple syrup) and the sour (lime juice) components. Adjust amounts to fit your palate. Chill.

When ready to serve, stir in gin and pour over ice. Garnish with lime and mint.

Recipe provided by Chef Shellie Kark, Kitchencue
Copyright 2010 Kol Ha'kavod, LLC. The information here is not to be used or reprinted without permission.

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