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Ice Pops

Fruit juice, yogurt or ice cream (softened)
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Ice Pops - Instructions

This recipe uses the Cuisipro Ice Pop Molds.

1. Fill Cuisipro Ice Pop Molds to fill line (about 1/2 inch or 1cm from top) with
fruit juice, yogurt or ice cream.
2. Insert sticks into mold.
3. Snap molds together.

4. Place filled molds in freezer for 4 to 5 hours or until firm.
5. To serve, hold the pop by the stick, pull out gently while squeezing the sides of
the mold.


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Ice Pops - Instructions Continued

1. If frozen treats do not unmold easily, run sides of molds under warm water for 5 to
7 seconds.
2. If using store-bought ice cream, soften at room temperature before filling molds.

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