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Favorite Pot Roast, Pressure Cooker

2 tablespoonsall-purpose flour
2 teaspoonssalt
1/2 teaspoonspepper
3-4 poundsboneless, trimmed chuck
1 tablespoonsolive oil
1 smallonion, sliced
1-1/2 cupsfresh rosemary or 2 teaspoons chopped bay leaf
1-1/2 cupsbeef broth or red wine
salt and pepper to taste
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Favorite Pot Roast, Pressure Cooker - Instructions

In a small bowl, combine flour, salt and pepper. Rub all over the roast.

Heat olive oil in the pressure cooker using the BROWN setting. Add the roast and
brown 2 to 3 minutes on all sides. Remove from pot and reserve and juices that come

Add onions to pressure cooker pot and brown for 1 minute. Add bay leaf or rosemary
and beef broth. Return chuck and any juices to the pot. Cover and set to high
pressure for 60 minutes.

Release the pressure using the quick-release method. Unlock and remove lid. Test the
roast with a fork. The fork should go through easily. If not to desired doneness,
cover and cook under pressure for an additional 10 minutes.

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Favorite Pot Roast, Pressure Cooker - Instructions Continued

Remove the roast. Cover and let stand for 10 minutes before slicing.

If the gravy isn't thick enough, bring to a boil, and simmer to desired thickness.
Season with salt and pepper. Remove and discard bay leaf.

Slice the roast against the grain and serve with gravy.

Recipe courtesy of Deni, Reprinted with permission.

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