The Best Cookware for Summer Season

The Best Cookware for Summer Season

July 24th, 2019

The Best Cookware for Summer Season

It may not seem like the seasons would necessarily have specific cookware associated with them. After all, cooking is cooking regardless of what the temperature is outside, right? Actually, that’s not really the case—just tell that to a barbeque! There are a few other season-specific items of kitchenware, cookware sets, and cooking accessories that either have summer-specific uses or make the most sense in warm weather. Take a look at these if you want to step up your summer food game.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillets (made in the USA!)
What makes Lodge stand out is that fact that you can use on all cooking surfaces, grills and campfires. It will last for years and years to come and undergo some of the harshest cooking techniques. All skillets come pre-seasoned and ready to use upon purchase. Grab one and get cooking. You can make anything from fish to pizzas, in the oven, on the stove or on the grill. (check out some recipes ideas here) Sauté, sear, fry, bake and stir fry to heart’s content. It is for sure a go-to for summer days at the beach or in the backyard.

Better Grilling on Grill Pans
No doubt the most obvious of the cooking that requires good weather (without being miserable) is grilling. There’s something about cooking over coals that simply seems to improve the flavor of everything the heat touches. Case in point is the grill pan, terrific for a number of reasons. They allow you to grill (on open flames outdoors or on your stove) smaller foods that would fall through the grate, keep foods prone to burning away from the open flame, and support fare like fish that’s prone to fall apart when cooked. A grill pan (or two) is an invaluable addition to any griller’s repertoire.

Pizza Grilling—Yes, Put a Pizza on Your Grill
Speaking of taking grilling to the next level, until you’ve had pizza that you grilled yourself, you haven’t had pizza. Well, at least you haven’t had pizza in quite the same way. That special something that makes everything grilled taste better definitely applies to pizza. If you’re considering getting into pizza grilling, look for a pizza grilling pack that includes a pizza stone and a pizza peel, at least. You’ll never regret it.

Stay a Cut Above with Professional Knives
Although it’s not summer-specific, anyone hoping to take their cooking game up a few notches needs to browse through some high-quality kitchen knife sets and find one that speaks to them. Professional-grade kitchen knives are one of those investments that pays off for a long time. A professional-quality knife set from brands like Wusthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Global, Shun, Mayabi, and Messermeister, if properly maintained, can last a lifetime. In addition to making the culinary process that much easier and more intuitive, many find that simply having high-quality knives motivates them to use them for a variety of homemade haute cuisine.

Coal-Cooked Camping Delights with a Dutch Oven
Anyone who has ever ended a day of camping by enjoying a meal cooked in a Dutch oven that’s been buried in the coals of the campfire is aware that they operate by the same flavor principle grilling does. Namely, everything cooked in a Dutch oven simply tastes better than the same food prepared by another means would. In addition to being innate flavor-enhancers, Dutch ovens are an extremely versatile piece of cookware. They can be heated by the earlier-mentioned hot coal-burial, by the flames of the fire itself, on top of a stove, and even in the oven. While coal-cooking in the summer may be the most fun way to use them, Dutch ovens are handy to have around all year long.

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