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Shun Cutlery

Shun (pronounced shoon) is the word used to describe local, seasonal food at the very peak of flavor and freshness. Home cooks and professional chefs alike celebrate shun in their kitchens, eagerly awaiting each season’s bounty and serving every ingredient in its proper time. We named our fine cutlery Shun to honor this tradition of seasonal, mindful eating and as a mark of our dedication to making kitchen cutlery that is always at the peak of its perfection, too.

Shun Cutlery is from Japan’s Kai Corporation. For over 100 years, this family company has been making fine blades in the tradition of the legendary samurai swordsmiths of ancient Japan. Each Shun takes 100 or more handcrafted steps to complete. Yet Shun kitchen knives are also thoroughly modern. We craft our fine cutlery using state-of-the-art technology, the most advanced premium-quality steels, and handle materials that are both beautiful and durable.

At first glance, many kitchen knives look alike, yet the similarity is only skin-deep. The difference goes all the way to the bone and affects things that you can’t see on the surface. With Shun, you can be sure you’re getting true handcrafting, a solid guarantee, genuine premium materials, and intensive quality testing. For kitchen cutlery at the peak of performance, at the peak of beauty, and always at the peak of perfection, choose Shun.
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