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Dining & Entertaining

The kitchen and the dining room are our two favorite rooms in the whole house. It’s where food is prepared and enjoyed and where memories are made. When it comes to dining and entertaining, a healthy mix of casual and formal dinnerware is a must. Everyday dining calls for stainless steel flatware, dishwasher safe dinnerware, and high-quality drinkware that will last day in and day out. For more formal affairs, large serverware, kitchen linens, and other entertaining accessories are a must.  Shop our dining and entertaining collection from trusted brands like Lenox, Mikasa, Villeroy & Boch, FIESTA, and, many more. The Best Kitchen Starts Here™

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  1. WELLNESSMats Granite Granite Copper
    WELLNESSMats Granite Granite Copper
    Starts at: $129.95
  2. WELLNESSMats Original Brown
    WELLNESSMats Original Brown
    Starts at: $119.95
  3. WELLNESSMats Original Black
    WELLNESSMats Original Black
    Starts at: $119.95
  4. WELLNESSMats Granite Granite Gold
    WELLNESSMats Granite Granite Gold
    Starts at: $129.95
  5. WELLNESSMats Granite Granite Steel
    WELLNESSMats Granite Granite Steel
    Starts at: $129.95
  6. WELLNESSMats Original Gray
    WELLNESSMats Original Gray
    Starts at: $119.95
  7. WELLNESSMats Original Tan
    WELLNESSMats Original Tan
    Starts at: $119.95